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GAME Digital PLC

GAME Digital is the leading specialist retailer of video games in the UK and Spain, with a market share of over 30 percent in each of these countries.


Our Solution


We built a responsive design that delivers across both smartphones and Tablets. The custom built Native Android client, couples a smooth intuitive design with a robust backend cloud based platform, while seamlessly integrating the GAME Wallet billing system.


Additionally, it delivers an excellent hand-picked selection of compelling games, that fuses the landscape of console and Android gaming.

Our solution marries the physical and digital experience by including real store manager recommendations, and on-device redemption of in-store gift cards.



The Requirement


GAME, the UK’s leading games retailer, desiring to offer a complete games service to its customers, wanted to add a boutique GAME Android Store to its already extensive retail presence.


This store should represent the type of “Games for Gamers” content that the discerning customer is used to getting from GAME, support a full integration with the GAME loyalty and rewards program, and with the GAME Code-to-Content DLC program for voucher redemption. It should bring together the in-store and digital experience of GAME.


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