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With a subscriber base of 28.11 million, and a market share of 24% making it Pakistan’s second largest mobile operator. One of Telenor’s core values is “Everything we set out to do should work, we’re about delivery”. A work ethos that we are very familiar with.


Our Solution


We built the stores, we launched the stores.

We analysed the users' behaviour, their devices, their buying habits and their buying power. We tailored the service to suit the usage and the ARPU increased. We analysed again, we enabled our deferred billing solution, APRU increased again.

We continue to analyse, we continue to improve, our work is never done in this ever changing market.



The Requirement


28m predominantly prepay subscribers. Emerging market with low smartphone penetration. Typical user have very low disposable income.

We need to deliver a high quality App store specifically for games content, for both Mobile and Web, to all subscribers with high quality Games on a low price.





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