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Telefonica O2 Ireland

Telefonica O2 Ireland is the largest network operator in Ireland.

It was recently acquired by 3.


Our Solution


Our service was rolled out in record time, and produced record results in the first 3 months. With services across devices and across media channels it proved to be a very successful store.


As part of our ongoing partnership it was recently rebranded to 3, ownership of Telefonica O2 Ireland has changed to 3.




The Requirement


Telefonica O2 Ireland was looking for a partner that could manager their entire App and Games services for them.

The service was to tie in with the group initiatives and also the group centralized billing systems. 


The service was to include a Native App, and Android Store and a Java store. It should also include an All-you-Can-Eat subscription service, and tie in Free Apps from 3rd parties and a solution for billing users that come in over Wi-Fi.

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