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Parrot is globally recognized as a pioneer and expert in the field of

mobile connectivity and multimedia in relation to in-car infotainment systems and smartphone interaction.


Our Solution


Spoiled Milk is proud to support the Parrot Rear Seat Entertainment for automotive products with a curated collection of top-tier Android games to make the time in your car more entertaining.

Our selection includes top titles like “Fruit Ninja” and “World of Goo” as well as a sports games, mind boggling riddles and well-known casual games.


The Requirement


After a certain point of long car trips or waiting in a queue, in-car entertainment systems swing into action to keep you and your family amused. Our partner Parrot’s ASTEROID product range is a line of such highly modular connected in-car navigation and entertainment solutions. They are easy to control via voice, make your driving simpler, sync with your mobile phones and keep you online while you drive.


To provide a perfect un-boxing experience for the customer those systems have to be packed with high-quality content from the start.

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