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Kurio is globally recognised as "the" kids tablet,

with its robust design and high end specification


Our Solution


As we a have a good pedigree in sourcing content for kids we were a natural partner for Kurio. We push each content item for our kids portfolio through a rigorous evaluation process to determine its eligibility for minors.

We check if it is fit for purpose, complies with relevant regulations, and assign an appropriate age certification. With some classic kids brands like, Tom and Jerry, Snoozles & Ben 10 and some of the new kids favourites like Adventure Time, Aero Monkey and Gumball, to name a few, we were able to bolster their portfolio from the beginning of the ongoing partnership.



The Requirement


Kurio is one of the largest brands in the “Tablet for Families™” space, and providing their own Digital Store offering content for Kids. It can often be a challenge for an OEM to source large volumes of content for their stores as it can be very time consuming to deal with hundreds of developers and licensing can be complex across multiple territories. It can also be difficult to identify and verify applications that are compliant with PI regulations.

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