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Monitor Everywhere : Hubble

Hubble makes it easy to stay connected with your favourite people,

places and pets with live video streaming and up-to-date smart

notifications wherever you go.


Our Solution


We designed a solution that, although quite technically advanced in the backend, offers a clean and simple interface to the user. Our solution pulls in the latest imagery and status updates from the connected camera, and renders them seamlessly alongside personalized content recommendations.


We built a custom Hubble App Store pulling filtered content from various sources and is bolstered by Spoiled Milk’s own premium offering. Up to 5 users can enjoy an independent experience on each device with their own personalized account, all under the watchful eye of the main account holder.



The Requirement


Hubble believe that connected devices should bring families closer together and make homes smarter. As part of their new product line, the Hubble team were looking for a home screen solution that ties in their connected camera solution with relevant content for family and home.


It also needed to integrate personalized content choices, a custom App Store for Premium and Freemium content, and multi-user features with distinct permissions so the device can truly be a family experience. The responsive design needed to be compelling across both their Tablet and Smartphone bundle solutions.



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