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Red Bull Mobile

Red Bull MOBILE (RBM) offers tailor-made telecommunication packages and unlimited access to the Red Bull world in countries like Austria, Belgium, Poland & South Africa.


Our Solution


We designed a solution and user experience targeted at the active and fast-paced mobile user.

The frontend interface has been implemented an Android application as well as a HTML5 mobile web site.  The system backend is driven by our comprehensive digital media content management solution that allows to centrally manage this complex multi-national, multi-content setup.

The portal was launched in Austria, South Africa, Belgium & Poland.


The Requirement


Red Bull MOBILE were looking for a new fresh approach for its digital customer engagement ecosystem centered around a smartphone mobile internet portal to deliver new features, a greater range of content and engage the consumer using genius innovative new ideas to deliver the best experience possible. The Red Bull MOBILE Zone has to unite digital content from a wide variety of content sources into one compelling user experience.





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